Diet: health and lifestyle

Diet is always popular among people in the world. It seems that diet becomes a lifestyle nowadays. Most people have a diet program for some purposes, especially for those who want to lose their weight; this kind of diet is called starvation diet in which people eat little amount of food to lose weight quickly.
Diet health and lifestyle
health and lifestyle 
However, having diet is not only to lose weight. People also go on diet in order to keep their health both physically and mentally. This purpose comes at the same time as the benefits of having a diet program.

#Benefits of Going on Diet

The first benefit of diet is that to control the body weight. Having a diet is not merely omitting carbohydrates which you can get mostly from rice and potato and omitting fats which you can find in some kinds of food. Actually, our body needs carbohydrates and fats to earn energy. Having diet means that we set balance nutrition in our body. So, people can control their food consumption by having diet, for example consuming enough carbohydrate, fat, protein, and vitamin.

The second benefit of having diet is to prevent diabetes and stroke. Diabetes is caused by the imbalanced of glucose in blood. Consuming enough fruits and vegetables in your diet program can be the prevention of diabetes. It is because the fiber of fruits and vegetables can balance the amount of glucose in the blood. The fiber of fruits and vegetables is also helpful to avoid stroke. By consuming 25 grams of the fiber per day can prevent the risk of stroke.

Besides the physical benefits, going on a diet program is also good for keeping mental health. One of the advantages is that it can be a habitual healthy activity. It possibly becomes the habit in which people are accustomed to consuming balanced nutritious healthy food. Then, it turns to your lifestyle. Having such good lifestyle will increase the awareness of health so that people keep in their mind that consuming a balanced nutritious food is the prime need of human beings. People with good lifestyle tend to have confidence when they socialize with others.

Kinds of Diet

Besides the general diet program and the purposes and benefits, there are also some specific diet types which are undergone by groups of people around the world. Let’s start with Atkins diet. Atkins diet is a diet program which has a purpose to control the amount of insulin in the body. People who are undergoing this kind of diet usually consume more portion of protein. When people consume a lot of portion of refined carbohydrate, the insulin in their body will increase quite high. The high level of insulin makes the body keep the fat as the storage of energy.

Vegetarian and vegan diets are other types of diet. People who are undergoing vegetarian diet consume fruits and vegetables; they still eat eggs, dairy products, and honey. This type of vegetarian diet is called lacto-ovovegetarian. They do not eat any meats or chickens. Vegetarian diet is almost the same as vegan diet. People who are vegans eat only fruits and vegetables and never eat animal-based food, even eggs, milk, and honey.

Another popular diet type is raw food diet. People who have this kind of lifestyle are mostly like vegans. What makes them different from vegans is that these people with raw food diet consume food which is not processed at all; while vegans still eats processed food. Raw food diet lets people to eat mostly organic fruits and vegetables which are totally raw. They believe that it is suggested to consume ¾ raw foods in each meal time. Moreover, they drink water a lot since they never drink any animal-based drinks.
Diet is basically good for health. It is a good lifestyle to keep the body always has enough healthy and nutritious food intakes. So, if you want to keep your body healthy, setting up and undergoing your favorable diet program is one of the best ways. However, you need to think first about the needs of your body.

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