The Reasons Why Diet is Good for Your Physical and Mental Health

Good for Your Physical and Mental Health
Your Physical and Mental Health
Diet program is mostly associated as an effort to lose weight. However, diet basically means an effort to control certain nutrients intake towards some change in your eating pattern. Diet is mainly divided into 3 categories:

1. Diet program to lose weight.
2. Diet program to gain weight.
3. Diet program for those who have some restrictions due to health problems.

Aside for having an ideal body, diet program turns out to be good for our mental and physical health! What are the advantages of diet program for our health?

1.  Prevent cancer risks
Many studies have found that fiber can help you defecate better, hence it is good for your digestive system. It means, diet with eating more fiber is the essential element to prevent cancer cells precipitation in your colon.

2. Maintain the stomach condition
Most diet programs suggest us to eat for 5-6 times a day with lessen portion, but still healthy of course. This eating pattern keep the stomach stays full and prevent gastro acidic. Hence, your stomach’s function can be maintained.

3. Prevent Alzheimer
Although mainly diet is about controlling what you eat, exercise is still the important part of your diet program. The proportional exercises will be good for the brain’s health. It increases concentration and memory; hence great to prevent Alzheimer.

4. Keep sleep quality
According to a research from Appetite online journal, short sleep is caused by lack of water and carbohydrate intake in your body. The other research adds that bothered sleep is caused by lack of vitamin C and selenium. As you can find vitamin C and selenium in vegetables, it means that having a diet can give you more quality sleep.

5. Keep the heart healthy
As we know, diet can affect the control to the cholesterol and fats in our body. If we have a diet program in which we reduce the consumption of high-fats and high-cholesterols foods and increase the fruits and vegetables’ intake instead, it means we can save our heart by having diet.

6. Make a smarter brain
Our brain consists of 60% of fats from omega-3 which can help the cells-relations in the brain. The better the connectivity between each cells, the better our analytical ability to solve the problems. You can find Omega-3 sources such as, salmon, tuna, mackerel, fish oil, and nuts.

7. Keep your immunity
Diet is not merely losing fats since our body need the benefits of the balanced fats. Going through the diet program help us to balance this fats in our body. And due to the new research, it was found that the balance fats in the body will boost our immunity.

1. More active
Going through diet program can affect our mind. We tend to try balancing the productive activities so our diet is successful. Hence, we become more active by default.

2. Looks younger

Diet can maintain the supply of nutrients needed by our body. Those healthy nutrients are mostly needed by our hair and skin. Therefore, the adequate diet program can help us look younger from our skin and hair.

3. More confident
After you’re going through the diet program diligently, you will be more confident with your body. Your mind becomes inherently calm and it boosts your confident when having social contacts with others.

4. Healthy lifestyle

Diet program helps us to get used to the healthier lifestyle. During the diet program, your mind, time, and behavior are set to achieve a healthier body. After the diet, you won’t forget the habit you do to maintain the ideal body you get after going through hard diet phase.

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