What Will You Choose Quick Diet or Healthy Diet?

If you want to lose your weight for a half to a kilogram per week, it is recommended to do a wise diet program. The change of dietary habit suddenly to lose weight has a risk of health problems. The unhealthy work hard activity doesn’t enable to change your continuing lifestyle aiming at keeping the stability of ideal weight for longer time. Thus, it is your choice whether you choose quick diet or healthy diet.
 Diet or Healthy Diet?
Diet Healthy Diet
# The Risks of Quick Diet
The quick weight loss tends to stay no longer. In addition, it appears some risks and health problems. What are they? These are some risks of quick diet.

# Getting Lack of Nutrition
A body requires carbohydrate, mineral, fat, vitamin, and protein in the ideal amount in order to function it well. But, when you want to lose weight, you tend to reduce or even eliminate some kinds of nutrition like fats and carbohydrate. Meanwhile, body requires all elements to make it stay healthy and not risky to the disease attack.
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# Making Your Weight Increased Easily
A quick diet doesn’t give a chance to train body for burning calorie in a large amount. To reach the longer result of weight loss, it needs to change your lifestyle gradually. It starts from doing exercises and managing dietary habit. A quick diet makes your foods consumed not burned maximally. It affects on the body weight where weight easily gets increased.

# The Disturbances of Other Body Parts
Some diseases can attack your body due to side effects of quick diet. Those are headache, constipation, hair fall, and irregular menstruation. It may cause some serious diseases. Those are imbalance of body electrolyte, dehydration, and gallstone. It depends on your choice on taking a quick diet or healthy diet for losing weight.

# General Mistakes of Doing Diet
There are some common mistakes conducted by people who want to have diet program. Here is the list of them.
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# Ignoring Main Course
It has been proven that people eating regularly from morning, afternoon, and evening can maintain ideal weight. The high fiber and protein breakfast can make you stay saturated. But, you don’t eat main course making you consume more snacks in the spare time of main course. Snacks contain high calorie that can ruin your diet program. You should check the nutrition label if you still want to consume it. You should choose high protein snacks like almond and nuts.

# Drinking High Calorie Drinks
People conducting quick diet tend to prevent high calorie foods. But, they prefer drinking sweet beverages. Meanwhile, a number of calories in those drinks are high. The drinks will make you easily hungry. As a consequence, it makes you eat more.

# The Ways of Healthy Diet
Basically, healthy diet is about managing dietary habit. It includes types of foods eaten. Healthy diet is when all nutrition needs can be required. There are some ways of healthy diet to do.

# Determining a Healthy Target Every Week
Reasonable target has an important value to step closer on the change of lifestyle. It is recommended to determine the healthy target in order that you are able to meet it realistically. For example, if you love eating fried foods every day, it is targeted to avoid consuming it within a week.

# Being Active
To help weight loss, it needs to do exercises routinely to make your body fresh. You should manage your time minimally 30 minutes to do sports. It is up to you being active at morning or afternoon.

# Preventing Some Types of Foods
It is better to prevent some types of foods like packaged foods, junk foods, and fried foods. Those will destroy your diet program. It is recommended to consume steamed or boiled foods depending on fried foods.

# Good Habits of Healthy Diet
Simply good habits of healthy diet can be taken consistently for longer period of time to lose your weight quickly. What are they? These are some good habits of healthy diet. You need to consume sufficient mineral water regularly. Don’t miss having a main course.

It is better to increase the consumption of vegetables in order to stay saturated for longer time. It is great to prevent buy or keep high calorie snacks at home. Then, make a schedule of doing exercises and eat calmly. What will finally you choose, quick diet or healthy diet?

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