It Turns Out That Strawberries Can Help Slow Down The Progression Of Breast Cancer

From a study using rats showed that animal demonstration through the strawberry fruit can help fight breast cancer. The study showed that extracts of the fruit strawberry bias stop the spread of breast cancer cells that are developed in the lab, even when the cells are injected in animals mice to induce tumors.
However, the researchers were pessimistic that those results will also be valid on against man. This research aims to simply look at the potential effects of strawberry fruit on breast cancer and molecular mechanism. But the necessary clinical studies and epidemologi to verify whether human beings experience the same positive effect, "said study researcher Maurizio Battino, in a statement.
 Help Slow Down The Progression Of Breast Cancer

#Benefits of strawberries that are able to slow down the cancer attack
Researchers have exposed the breast cancer cells at different types of Strawberry Fruit varieties of Alba for 24, 48, and 72 hours. As a result, the cells grow before the cycle they are supposed to be divided and spread. Later, a female rat that's been ageda month doing a diet high in strawberry extract and one next month injected sela aggressive breast cancer.
Five weeks later, the researchers moved the spread of cancer cells in the healthy tissue around it. The rats experienced a significant decline in terms of weight and size of the tumor, "said Battino. Among the types of similar fruit, strawberries contain folicand vitamin C are most numerous and high concentration of phenolic compounds,so that is good for the health of the body.

That's a little article about the fruit of the Strawberry can help slow down the progression of breast cancer. Then as long as you regularly consume fruits such as strawberries, your health will remain fully awake

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