Know the causes of bad breath and how to prevention

Bad breath can be caused from the habit of taking care of the teeth and mouth are right, not to mention less with him regularly. In addition the type of food you consume is also very influential, in addition to a less healthy lifestyle accidentally you do.
Know the causes of bad breath and how to prevention - All types of food that you consume, especially the food flavorful seared, such as garlic. This can also have an effect on the smell of the mouth, or the leftovers are still lags behind in the mouth took the role of providing a less savoury aroma in the mouth.

If you don't brush your teeth and use a dental floss regularly, the leftovers can be left on the sidelines. This could increase the growth of bacteria on the tongue, teeth,and gums. This is one of the causes that lead to bad breath.

#Know the habits that trigger bad breath you.
Some bad habits that may have you do, can make your mouth so the odor, and most likely, this is a habit that causes your mouth odors :

#The lack of keeping and caring for oral hygiene.
As already written above, oral hygiene that is less easy to awake made halitosis unpleasant. At the time of the condition of the mouth of many leaves leftovers, then will form a transparent layer is referred to as plaque which is one of the gathering place for the bacteria so it develops. So to prevent this, sikatlah your teeth on a regular basis after you eat. Brush your tongue at the well to control bad breath. 

Don't forget to use dental floss to clean the leftovers on the sidelines of the teeth that could not be reach toothbrushes as part of your business maintaining oral health. Check with your teeth regularly to dentists to simply minimize the risk of developing mouth. The doctor will give instructions that you gargle with mouthwash a powerful while being able to kill bacteria due to overwrite it plaque.

#Effects of undergoing diet
Diet by reducing carbohydrates can also be the cause of bad breath. While a lack of carbohydrates, naturally, the body will break down fat. Then the resulting chemicals called ketones. It is this substance that can cause bad breath you.
#Smoking Habit.
Smoking habits can also be called the cause of your bad breath. With the habit of smoking not only damage the lungs but also as a trigger of black stains on the teeth and gum irritation. Furthermore, it can develop into toothache and gingivitis. Of these two factors, one of the main causes of bad breath.

#Consume types of food flavorful seared
The type of food that comes from the Spice that emit the scent of very sharp, It could also be as a major trigger mouth odor. So does the consumption of coffee and alcoholic beverages. To avoid bad breath, avoid consuming food and drink like this.

That's a little review of the causes of bad breath and how to prevent it, may be useful. Begin regularly taking care of your oral health from now on.

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